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Accreditation Process

The online accreditation system provides an accessible platform for journalists and media professionals worldwide to apply for accreditation to cover the Volleyball World events.

We are pleased to announce that the media accreditation application for the highly anticipated Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour 2023 is now open. To request media accreditation, kindly click on the link provided below.

Media Accreditation Application:  Apply for Media Accreditation

Please take note that additional events will be incorporated into the tour throughout the year. All accreditation applications will open a minimum of 30 days before the commencement of each event and will close precisely 7 days before the event's kick-off.

For any media-related inquiries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated media relations team at We are committed to facilitating a seamless accreditation process and ensuring that you have the necessary information and support for a successful coverage of the Beach Pro Tour 2023.

Stay tuned for an exciting and action-packed Beach Pro Tour 2023! Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in the world of volleyball.