South American Tour Finals

Teams from Brazil and Chile made it to the podium in Uberlândia (Photo: Bruno Cunha/B2C Fotografias/CSV)

The conclusion of the 2023 South American Beach Volleyball Tour, on Sunday, in Uberlândia, Brazil, determined the nations that secured the fourth spots per gender reserved for the continent at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship 2023.

While Argentina, Brazil and Chile will be represented in both genders in the event that will take place in Tlaxcala, Mexico, from October 6-15, Paraguay will also compete among the women while Venezuela will feature in the men’s tournament. The teams that will occupy the berths will be determined by each country’s national federation ahead of the event’s entry deadline.

Held at the Praia Clube, the same venue of last month’s Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Elite 16 event, the South American Finals marked the conclusion of the continent’s calendar in 2023, which featured six events, and determined the season winners in both genders.

Despite the three-set (18-21, 21-18, 21-19) victory of Brazilians Andre Loyola and George Wanderley over the cousins Marco and Esteban Grimalt, Chile finished the season in first place among the men.

“Playing here in Uberlândia is always great and I’d like to thank the fans for the support again,” Andre commented. “I’d also like to congratulate Chile for the season title. They played really well over the six events and deserved to finish in first place.”

Chile also claimed the bronze medals in Uberlândia after Vicente Droguett and Noe Aravaena overcame the Argentinean brothers Nicolás and Tomás Capogrosso in straight sets (21-17, 21-12) to finish in third place.

On the women’s side, the victory of Beach Pro Tour stars Bárbara Seixas and Carol Salgado secured the title for Brazil. In the gold medal match at Praia Clube, the veterans had a dominant performance against Paraguayans Michelle Valiente and Erika Bobadilla, walking away with a two-set (21-14, 21-15) victory.

The host country sent a second team to the women’s podium, with Tainá Bigi and Victoria Lopes taking bronze. The Brazilians had won the first set of the bronze medal match against Francisca Rivas Zapata and Chris Vorpahl when the Chileans were forced to forfeit the match due to an injury.

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