Volleyball World has announced the return of the Equal Jersey campaign at the Volleyball Nations League (VNL). Building on the success of the previous editions, this initiative aims to celebrate the sport's status as a global leader in gender-equality.

With equal interest from both women and men in play, a gender-balanced fanbase, and equal prize money, volleyball stands out as the most gender-equal team sport globally.

The Equal Jersey campaign will feature player activations during the semi-finals, third-place match and VNL Finals in Arlington, Texas (Women’s Finals, 12-16 July) and Gdansk, Poland (Men’s Finals, 19-23 July). In each of these matches, one player per team will proudly wear the Equal Jersey until the end of the first set.

EQ 2 players

Continuing the tradition of giving back to the volleyball community, Volleyball World has partnered with Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) for the Equal Jersey campaign.

As part of this collaboration, LKTBF and Volleyball World will work with teams to donate equipment to grassroots volleyball projects in Thailand and the Philippines following the VNL. In addition, LKTBF will work with the Philippine National Volleyball Federation and local ambassadors to host volleyball sessions for various grassroots projects in the country.

Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor stated: “Volleyball is leading the way in gender equality in team sports and Volleyball World is proud to celebrate this. The Equal Jersey symbolizes and showcases our commitment to inspire the volleyball community and beyond to embrace equality and inclusivity.”

Volleyball World extends a global invitation to fans to join and become advocates for gender equality. Take part in the movement by purchasing your own Equal Jersey, available exclusively at the Volleyball World online shop.