Boys' U19 World Championship 2023 - News.

Argentina encuentro Mini 2

Argentina surprised young players at the regional mini volleyball event (Photo: FeVA).

In the midst of a successful start at the 2023 FIVB Boys' U19 World Championship, the Argentine national team visited a regional mini volleyball event in San Juan on Saturday, with more than 700 kids. The squad surprised the participating boys and girls, who had the chance to play and take photos with the Argentine representatives.

San Juan continues to accumulate unforgettable memories from this World Championship. Undoubtedly, this will be the case for the local children and those from the provinces of Mendoza and San Luis who participated in the mini volleyball event at the provincial university and were greatly surprised to meet the Argentine national team players.

The team's setter, Tomas Sanchez, appreciated the opportunity to take part in the activity and to feel close to the young fans. "It was lovely to see that there are so many kids playing volleyball from a young age. Everyone wanted photos with us and that was very enriching. Their admiration is a great motivation for us."

For him, everything becomes even more special since this World Championship is being played in the province where he was born and took his first steps in the sport. "Playing here is very exciting for me. It feels amazing and having my family and friends close helps me a lot."

Juan Sánchez

Argentina's Juan Sánchez playing with the kids (Photo: FeVA)

The squad led by Marcos Blanco, which began their participation with two solid victories over Costa Rica and Serbia, took the opportunity to play with the children and recharge their energies through laughter, photos, and games.

The team's next challenge will be against the United States, this Saturday in the final match of the day at the Aldo Cantoni Stadium. Then, they will face Egypt in the closure of Pool A. Regarding these games, Sanchez shared: "We are preparing ourselves a lot for the two remaining matches. We are training and watching videos to give our best on the court and to win. We will give our all, no matter what."

Argentina (ARG) vs. Serbia (SRB) - Pool A #6236142

Argentina celebrated two victories in a row and wants to add two more in Pool A

Enthusiastically, the 18-year-old player emphasized that the South American champions want to go further on this tournament, but they know they have to be patient enough to reach their gol. The setter shared where he finds the key to make it happen: "For us, it's important to give our all at every point, whether on the court or on the sidelines. We have to take it step by step."