1. Terms Of Use

Please be advised, the purchase and/or use of a Ticket to, and/or entry into, the Event Site shall constitute your unconditional acceptance to be bound by (i) any and all of the terms and conditions contained within this agreement (this “Agreement”) between You and VW to attend all or part of the Event and (ii) VW privacy policy (https://en.volleyballworld.com/privacy-policy)). For the avoidance of doubt, Your presence at the Event will be governed by this Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

Subject to the limitations of this Agreement, VW reserves the right to change, modify, or alter any aspect of the Event (including, without limitation, the appearance of any player or team, and/or the order of performance), at any time, for any reason whatsoever, without any prior notice or compensation to You.

You understand that the match schedule and/or lineup for the Event may be changed and that such occurrence shall not, under any circumstances, entitle You to any claim whatsoever, including, but not limited to, a refund for Your Ticket.

2. Ticket or Pass

In order to enter into the Event, You must have Your own valid Ticket. One (1) Ticket is required per attendee and will only be valid on the day(s) of the Event and area(s) of the Event as indicated on the Ticket. You must submit Your Ticket for validation upon entry into the Event.

Any ticket or pass which is falsified, modified or mutilated is void.

Tickets to the Event are strictly non transferable and not for resale.

Children aged 2 and under if accompanied by an adult holding a General Admission ticket will be admitted free of charge as a General Admission spectator. A proof of age may be required.

3. Refund


VW reserves the right to cancel the Event with no obligation other than to refund the price of the unused portion of the ticket or pass, only upon presentation of such ticket or pass.

No refund shall be made, in whole or in part, of the price of a ticket or pass nor any exchange of a ticket or pass for any reason, including any defect to the giant screens, displacement of grandstands, or any other circumstance, other than the cancellation of the Event before its scheduled presentation. Service charges are non refundable.

There will be no replacements for Tickets that are lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged and You unconditionally accept the risk of damage to, loss of and/or theft of Your Ticket.

4. Limited Access

Access to the Event site is PROHIBITED and refused to, but not limited to those who:

a. Are under the influence of illegal drugs or any other illegal substances;

b. Are clearly suffering from alcohol intoxication which, in Event’s staff’s sole discretion, has caused You to be in an impaired state;

c. Have been previously banned from Event’s and/or other events by VW, FIVB or legal authorities;

d. Are demonstrating an intent to disturb the peace or to provoke someone else to do so;

e. Engage in fighting or disruptive behaviour;

f. Use foul language;

g. Have racist behaviors;

h. Wear clothing with obscene or indecent language;

i. Resist the direction of and search by the Event security guards and security services;

j. Refuse to declare and forfeits objects that are prohibited, as set forth herein;

k. Distribute flyers or posters on or near the Event site.

l. Act in violation of the provisions of one or more articles of these regulations or in the spirit thereof.

5. Prohibited Items

The following items are forbidden on the Event site:

  • Alcoholic beverage purchased off-site;
  • Tobacco and electronic cigarettes;
  • Glass items;
  • Firearms, bladed weapons of any kind (regardless of permit) and any other dangerous object;
  • Coolers and bags larger than the following dimensions:

Height: 22.8 cm (9 in)
Length: 45.7 cm (18 in)
Depth: 25.4 cm (10 in)

  • Illegal substances;
  • Drugs;
  • Laser pointers
  • Flammable Products
  • Ladders/stepladders;
  • Parasols, big umbrellas and other structures which may block other spectators’ view and/or constitute a threat to their safety;
  • Electrical equipment that requires using a generator;
  • Drones;
  • Animals (except guide and service dogs).

VW reserves the right to ban any object of material which they deem to be hazardous.

6. Smoking Policy

Smoking within the Event Site is strictly prohibited.

7. Unauthorized Sale Or Use Of Ticket

Anyone caught forging entry tickets or any other special admission tickets in order to access or sell such tickets to the Event will be prosecuted without exception. Counterfeit tickets will not be honored or refunded by VW.

Anyone caught tampering with or sharing their Ticket will be immediately ejected and banned from the Event.

8. Prohibition to Record/Film

You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage or audio-visual footage (Recording), or store, record or transmit any information or other data, including official timing, results, performance, telemetry, weather or race control data (Data) of, at, or in relation to the Event. It is forbidden to take into the Event site any equipment that may enable the ticket holder to do the aforementioned acts. Personal electronic devices (including still image cameras, mobile telephones and other handheld personal communications devices) are permitted within the Event site unless otherwise advised, provided that any Recording, Data and any image, including photographic images and any still pictures derived or capable of being derived from a Recording (Image) of the Event that is recorded, stored and/or created thereon is used for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only.

9. Undertaking
The purchase and use of the ticket or pass shall constitute for the holder:

    • an acceptance of any and all risk and/or danger, known and unknown, foreseeable and unforeseeable, resulting from, or incidental to, the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to, the Event, including, but not limited to, any death, personal injury or loss, damage or liability whatsoever. You understand that Your use of Your Ticket is contingent upon Your voluntary assumption of the risk and danger that may result from, or be incidental to, Your presence at the Event, whether occurring prior to, during or after the Event;
    • an undertaking to adhere to safe, prudent and respectful behaviour and to observe all security regulations and instructions established or posted on the site or given by the officials and an undertaking not to bring on the Event site any dangerous items, failing which he/she shall be subject to expulsion with no refund;
    • an irrevocable consent that (i) You may be photographed and filmed, and (ii) You hereby provide VW with Your absolute, express consent to be photographed and filmed. You further understand and agree that these images and/or recordings can be registered, stored, transmitted, broadcast/streamed, rebroadcast, and sold for archival, promotional, and/or commercial purposes, in any manner, and in any media, now known or hereafter discovered, without any compensation to You. Your name, image and/or Your likeness may be captured as part of and/or used in connection with any broadcast/stream, audio, visual, or audio-visual recording, photograph, or other reproduction or other publication of the Event and may also be used by or on behalf of VW or any of VW’s parent entities, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, sponsors, officers, shareholders, successors or assigns for any purpose, including, but not limited to, archival, promotional, and commercial purposes, without any compensation to You. You waive all other rights in and to such footage, including, but not limited to, all claims of so-called moral rights. This footage may be used as a means to identify and facilitate the prosecution of illegal or impermissible conduct.
    • an undertaking to indemnify and hold harmless to the maximum extent permitted by law VW, FIVB, the partners of VW, any company related or affiliated with VW as well as their respective shareholders, directors, employees, representatives and agents, sanctioning bodies, persons involved in the organisation of the Event (including officials, marshals, rescue and medical staff), the players and teams (such parties to include where relevant all directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliated companies), (individually a “Beneficiary“) from any loss, liability, damage or cost in any way arising out of, or related to, Your actions and omissions at, around, or while traveling to and from, the Event;
    • an irrevocable waiver and covenant not to sue the Beneficiaries from any and all liability arising out of, or in connection with, the Event, for any claims, causes of action, obligations, lawsuits, charges, complaints, controversies, damages, costs or experiences of whatsoever kind, nature, or description, whether direct or indirect, in law or in equity, in contract or in tort, or otherwise, whether known or unknown, arising out of, or related to, the Event, Your attendance at the Event, or Your travel to and from the Event, except to the extent caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Beneficiaries;
    • An acknowledgement that the Beneficiaries will have no liability or responsibility whatsoever for (a) any failure of another attendee of the Event to conform to these rules, (b) personal injury or property damage of any nature whatsoever, whether arising in contract or in tort, resulting from your attendance at the event, (c) any errors, mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions in any content, or (d) any lost, stolen or damaged tickets, or failure of Event staff or security to honor your ticket. Your sole and exclusive remedy for dissatisfaction with the Event is to leave the Event.

10. Privacy Policy

VW is committed to protecting your personal information.

By purchasing Tickets You authorize us to share your personal information with Event partners and third parties and you accept our non-liability with respect to their actions or omissions. You must contact them directly to notify them of your choices regarding the use of your personal information.

11. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms and Conditions and any issue in connection with its validity or implementation shall be construed and governed in accordance with Laws of Switzerland.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these terms shall be submitted exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, and resolved definitively by a sole arbitrator in accordance with the Code of Sports-related Arbitration. The language of the arbitration will be English.

If you have any questions regarding this Terms and Conditions, you may contact tickets@volleyball.world.