VNL 2023 - Formula.

The Volleyball Nations League is back in 2023 and ready to wow crowds around the globe following the announcement of the host cities for this year’s eagerly anticipated competition.

Ottawa (Canada), Nagoya (Japan), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Orleans (France), Anaheim, California (USA) and Pasay City (Philippines) will host the men’s preliminaries from June 6 to July 9. The men's Finals will take place in Gdansk, Poland from July 19 to 23.

Volleyball Nations League 2023 - Men - Host cities

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The women’s preliminary round competition will begin a week earlier on May 30 and take place in Ankara (Türkiye), Nagoya (Japan), Hong Kong (China), Brasilia (Brazil), Suwon (Korea), and Bangkok (Thailand). The women's Finals will follow in Arlington, Texas, USA from July 12 to 16.

Volleyball Nations League 2023 - Women - Host cities

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