The opposite was unstoppable in her team's last three matches and earned her second MVP award

A popular sport saying states that big players make big plays in big moments and Serbian star Tijana Boskovic again proved that to be true during the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship.

Rested in two matches during the opening phases of the tournament, the 25-year-old opposite was nowhere near the top of the scoring table when the elimination rounds began, but with spectacular performances in her last three matches, she ended the event ranked third best scorer with 240 points scored and earned a well-deserved second Most Valuable Player award.

During the elimination rounds, Boskovic scored 36 points in the quarterfinals against Poland, 33 in the semifinals against the United States and another 24 in the gold medal match against Brazil – a total of 93 points in just three matches, for an average of 31 per game.

The Serbian star was just one point short of tying Pole opposite Magdalena Stysiak for second place in the best scorers' table and finished 35 behind Italian star Paola Egonu, the top scorer of the World Championship for a second consecutive event.


With a tournament-high 275 points, Egonu led Italy to another medal-winning campaign

Egonu was also the player with the most kills registered during the event with 244. Boskovic ranked second in that category with 219, while Belgian outside hitter Britt Herbots, who played three matches fewer as her team didn’t qualify for the elimination rounds, finished third with 203 kills after leading the rankings in Phase 2.

Another Italian player, Alessia Orro, leapfrogged her rivals to finish at the top of the setting rankings. The 24-year-old playmaker was outside the top three at the end of Phase 2, but ended the World Championship at the top of the list with 144 successful sets, moving ahead of Joanna Wolosz (140) of Poland and Diao Linyu (135) of China.

The movement seen in the best receivers ranking was similar, with Yamila ‘Yas’ Nizetich finishing fourth after having the lead at the end of Phase 2. The Argentinean ended with 84 successful passes and saw Brazil’s Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Guimaraes (101), Italy’s Myriam Sylla (96) and China’s Li Yingying (86) all finish ahead of her.


Drews was one of two players to hit 18 aces during the World Championship

The top servers table ended with a tie between two players who faced each other in the bronze medal match – USA’s Annie Drews and Italy’s Caterina Bosetti. The American opposite entered the elimination round with one more ace registered, but saw the European catch her at 18 points at the top of the ranking. Another American player, setter Jordyn Poulter, ranked third with 14 aces.

The only two players who held on to their positions in the statistical tables during the elimination rounds were Brazil’s Ana Carolina ‘Carol’ da Silva and Italy’s Monica De Gennaro. The 31-year-old Brazilian tallied 15 block points across her final three matches, lifting her tournament total to an impressive 59. Trailing her were fellow Dream Team member Anna Danesi, of Italy, with 42, and Puerto Rico’s Neira Ortiz, with 39.

The legendary De Gennaro had an even wider lead at the top of the defence rankings. The 35-year-old Italian was able to improve her tournament digs total by 45 during the elimination rounds, ending with 168, well clear of second-placed Gabi, who had 106. Fellow Italian Bosetti completed the top three with 98 digs.